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2023: Winter school of NYI Global Institute of Cultural, Cognitive, and Linguistic Studies:

- Intersections: Race, Gender and Sexuality seminar

- Ecofeminism seminar

- Memories/Futurities workshop

- Diary Film, Autoethnography and Poetic Film Writing workshop

2023: 'Experimental sound and multimedia technologies' course at SA))_studio

2023: 'Systems of Art' course at Free University        

2022: Krasnodar institute of contemporary art (KICA)

2022: 'Introduction to Game Design' course at CalArts (Coursera)

2022: 'Creative Coding' course at bang bang education school

2021: University of Tyumen, post-graduate course in Culture Studies

2021: SIM_V lab group performance laboratory

2021: 'Introduction to Art&Science' course at ITMO university

2021: Curatorial workshop at Chto Delat school of engaged art

2020: Curatorial school at NEMOSKVA project

2012: University of Tyumen, specialization: journalism

Selected group exhibitions:​

  • ZIP group's OpenHaus exhibition at ZK/U Berlin (as a member of KICA) @ Berlin, 2023

  • Create a new layer, project of 6th Ural industrial biennial of contemporary art (curated by Alisa Sychova) @ Tyumen, 2021

  • Art Prospect, VII annual festival of public art (curated by Lera Lerner) @ Tyumen, 2021

  • Vse Svoi: Synchronization (curated by German Preobrazhenskii) @ Tyumen, 2021

  • Nemoskva is Just Around The Corner exhibition (curated by German Preobrazhenskiy) @ Saint-Petersburg, 2020

  • Everything is Not What It Seems, project of 5th Ural industrial biennial of contemporary art (curated by Vladimir Seleznyov) @ Tyumen, 2019


Selected independent curatorial projects:

  • Posthuman faculty: 1st season of nomadic institute of contemporary art - Summer 2022, Tyumen

  • Gradients: multitude of identities – simultaneous performance sessions - June 2022, Saint-Petersburg

  • 2nd Zakat urban culture festival & artist residency programme - Summer 2021, Tyumen

  • 1st Zakat urban culture festival & artist residency programme - Summer 2020, Tyumen

  • Komik Arts Tyumen: an independent comics festival and school for young artists - 2018 – 2019, Tyumen



  • ProHelvetia curatorial residency (hosted by Swiss Arts Council) Spring 2023, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Ria Keburia artist residency (curated by Daria Kravchuk) Winter 2023, Kachreti, Georgia

  • Geography of Implicit Flows artist residency (curated by Olya Zubova, Katya Volkova and Maria Karpovich) Summer 2021, Tyumen

  • 1st Pumpkin’s Remote Residency hosted by Perfectly Acceptable Press (curated by Matt Davis) Spring 2020, Chicago, USA

  • Rucka artist residency (curated by Lina Berzina) Spring 2019, Cēsis, Latvia


Positions held:

  • Manager at Vyksa Artist-in-Residency, Vyksa, Russia - April – June 2022

  • Coordinator of Konstantin Roslyakov’s personal exhibition “Meetings at the external” - November 2021 – February 2022

  • Guest editor at WE: an art newspaper in Tyumen - Spring – Fall 2021

  • Host of a discussion club on contemporary art at the Cultural center “Kontora Parokhodstva” - June – August 2021

  • Exhibitor at The Millionaires Club Leipzig, Comicfestival Hamburg, Chicago Art Book Fair, Comic Arts Brooklyn and Short Run Seattle comics festivals - Fall 2018 – Winter 2019

  • Founder and publisher at Space Cow Press - since Fall 2016

  • Senior PR manager at University of Tyumen - Spring 2013 – Spring 2018


Comics & graphic novels bibliography:

  • Queer Power (2021, published by kus! comics in Riga, Latvia)

  • Norma (2020, self-published)

  • Keep in touch (2020, self-published)

  • Rescue Party (2020, published by Desert Island Comics in New York, USA)

  • I feel it starts again (2020, published by Perfectly Acceptable Press in Chicago, USA)

  • Sex Issues (2019, published by Sputnikat Press in Moscow, Russia)

  • Boyhood (2019, self-published)

  • Lost and Found in Latvia (2019, published by Rucka artist residency in Cesis, Latvia)

  • Tyuman (2018-2019, self-published) 

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