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Sunset artist residency is a two-year program that was launched in Tyumen in 2020 and continued in 2021. First edition was a week-long event focused on city exploring and performative practices. It included workshops on sculpture, performance and final festivities. First residents were Mayana Nasibullova, Mitya Glavanakov and Anna and Vitaliy Cherepanovs.

Space Cow Press in collaboration with Esh Print studio published a limited catalogue of first Sunset residency printed on risograph in three colors - one of 25 copies is being stored by Russian Art Archive Network.


Second edition of Sunset took place in Tyumen's abandoned harbour. During three months resident artists from local community were invited to participate in a process of turning the harbour into a space for festival and an exhibition. Residency program included many activities and concluded in three-day-long Sunset urban culture festival and 'No Offence' exhibition joined by more than 60 local and visiting artists.

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