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Georgii 'gosha' Elaev

Born in 1988

gosha is an artist-organizer, cartoonist, publisher, curator and independent researcher. They specialize in exploring intersections between posthumanism, queer theory, DIY and Do-It-With-Others methodologies, cultural activism related to ecological and sustainability movements, digital culture and contemporary art. Born in a small village near the city of Tobolsk in Western Siberia, gosha has an international practice, including more than 8 years of activities in Siberia, Latvia, Germany and United States. They work across the fields of zinemaking, publishing, media/network, game design and environmental arts, pursuing a participatory practice through workshops, performative events and storytelling.

gosha believes that strengths lie in hybridity, communications, self-organisation and network arts: the ability to bring together and involve people in creative, collaborative exploration, developing temporary communities, gathering unexpected elements and components as new spaces of/for cultural activity.

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